Metropolitan Lodge again organised a hugely successful Charity Race Day at the Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town.
The 8th and final race of the day was run just before the skies opened with a massive storm that lashed Cape Town and brought much needed water.

Each horse was auctioned by the inimitable Andy MacPherson where the highest bidder received a receipt – a bottle of wine labelled with the horse’s name and jockey colours. An example (above) is Meraki, an Australian-bred four year-old gelding that finished third in the 3:15 pm race.

Andy MacPherson (in the distance in front of the pedestal, just under the first screen) keeps the charity money flowing as he auctions yet another horse. In the foreground is John Ackermann (Deputy District Grand Master) clutching the “horse” he had just successfully bid for. Sadly for John, it came nowhere.

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