Message from our District Grand Master

Dear Brethren,

I am convinced that I am not alone in never having envisaged the situation we are finding ourselves in! As a result of this prevailing emergency we trust that it will be possible to have some form of Annual Communication at a later stage. The same applies to the number of Installation ceremonies and our own travelling arrangements coinciding with this “lockdown” , however the format of these must still be formulated. Our Book of Constitutions is pretty rigid on some of these subjects, but we have been assured by the executive of the United Grand Lodge of England that ways will be found to ensure that we get all our Lodges back onto the right track as soon as possible. We will be keeping a very close watch on events locally and abroad and will endeavour to consider ways that our Lodges can meet again. This may even mean that we have to adapt some of our usual and peculiar customs to fit the situation. We must abide by the advice given by the United Grand Lodge of England, our Government as well as the prevailing situation particular to our own District.

I can assure you that our executive team and the District as a whole do appreciate the time and effort you all put into these District duties ,selflessly giving up your personal time as well as the added financial expenses you incur . Brethren, we will need your continued dedication, flexibility, patience and above all a positive frame of mind during the coming weeks or even months. Look after yourselves and I trust we can get back to normality in the not too distant future.  If at any stage you are unsure concerning your duties or certain arrangements please do not hesitate to ask .

I look forward to meeting you all again personally, in hopefully the not too distant future.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,


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