The reason why people join and what they like about Freemasonry vary from person to person. You will have your own reasons, but the following are taken from a sample of new members:

  • Quest for knowledge – because they are intrigued about the history and mysteries held within Freemasonry


  • Charity – because they feel it is a conduit to ‘put back into society’, through Masonic charity giving


  • Brotherhood – because it is a leveller, meaning you meet (and indeed become friends with) a broad spectrum of people – from Chairman of large companies to dustmen, people that live on your estate to foreign nationals, people from 21 to 90+ years of age – essentially, a very extensive male demographic. Simply by mixing with people from different walks of life helps to broaden the mind


  • Self Improvement – to become a better person


  • Learning – networking, learning from peers and mentors and learning from practising ritual (if you hold office) and after dinner speech-making (watching others and on occasion making a simple speech)


  • Unusual – because there is nothing quite like it in life


  • Achievement – progressing through office to Worshipful Master.


Before you join Freemasonry Please consider the following:

  • The essential condition of membership is a belief in a Supreme Being.
  • Freemasonry recognises no distinction of religion and emphasises the duties of loyalty and citizenship.
  • No member are to discuss religion and politics in Lodge.
  • It offers no business advantages , neither does it bind one Freemason to deal with another.
  • Freemasonry is not a mutual benefit society.
  • Join only if the fees and charitable contributions to Freemasonry will not place a financial burden on yourself or others.
  • Be sure that you desire intellectual and moral improvement.
  • Devote time, means and efforts in promoting our moral pledges.


Download  “What’s it all about” pdf here