The Origin(s) of (Free)masonry

W Bro Kenneth Marcus PJGD will be delivering a talk on the Origin(s) of (Free)masonry.

This is the first in a series of talks in the newly established Masonic Education Forum.

The topic will address operative (Free)masonry and how it has evolved from ancient times, together with the origins of modern, or speculative Freemasonry in the 17th century and it’s relationship with society today.

Young and new made masons and other interested masons are invited to attend. The lecture will be followed by questions and discussion, thereafter  socialising in the bar.

Please contact Morne Hartman to confirm your attendance.
082 372 7398

Where:   Pinelands Masonic Centre

When:    24th April 2014

Time:     19h00

Dress:   Casual