Reggie Steenkamp, Travellers Lodge No. 3166, received his Golden Anniversary certificate from Peter Duckworth (Past District Grand Master) on 4 June 2019. Reggie was initiated into Travellers Lodge 3166 in June 1969 by Peter Duckworth (Peter’s first ceremony as Worshipful Master). Reggie and Peter have together amassed 110 years as Freemasons in the same Lodge.

Peter Duckworth (left) presents 50th Certificate to Reggie Steenkamp

Born in Glasgow in 1939, Reggie lost his father at Dunkirk in 1940 and his mother died the same year. He was shipped out to an orphanage in Durban, South Africa. Dr Willem Steenkamp, a leading plastic surgeon, and his wife Huibrecht adopted Reggie in 1947, and they moved to Cape Town. Reggie’s grandfather was a member of British Lodge 334, and his father, Willem, was Worshipful Master of Travellers Lodge in 1947, the same year he adopted Reggie.

Reggie married Amanda in 1965 and joined Travellers Lodge in 1969, where he is now serving his 38th year as Treasurer. He is also the treasurer of other Lodges and Side Degrees in the District.

In 2006, Reggie became a Grand Officer as Past Grand Standard Bearer. A remarkable man and a remarkable Masonic career.

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